Volunteer Rules

  1. We adore our Angel families and want this to be the perfect day for each one. For that reason we ask that if you are the parent or guardian of a registered Angel you do not volunteer so that we may make this day special for you and your loved ones. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact the director.
  2. Volunteers are required to purchase and wear a volunteer shirt on the day of the event. This is mandatory for security purposes. There are times you may be in an area with other people’s children or in a volunteer only area, and for this reason it is required that you be clearly marked differently than the general public. **YOU CANNOT VOLUNTEER ON PAGEANT DAY WITHOUT A 2019 VOLUNTEER SHIRT**
  3. Children must be 12 years of age to volunteer, and anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a volunteering adult. You do not have to work the same areas, but will both have to be present. **Please do not bring minor children with you while you volunteer, as you will be busy with dozens of other children on this day and unable to attend to your own at times.
  4. Please do not sign up to volunteer if you cannot be there the entire day. This is so important, as it is a busy day and it is a struggle to stop and fill spots when someone has to leave.
  5. THIS IS A NO SMOKING CAMPUS. Anyone caught smoking on campus will be asked to leave.

Please know that these rules are put in place for child safety purposes and contract with the venue. This will be a busy and fast paced, but incredibly rewarding and unforgettable day. Make sure to wear your biggest smile (and most comfortable shoes), know its ok to cry (you will) and soak in every moment. Take lots of pictures and interact with our Angel families as much as possible. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks will be provided in the designated volunteer area. Our volunteer coordinator will make sure everyone gets the breaks that they need. 

**If at any time you discover you can no longer volunteer, please contact our director or volunteer coordinator as soon as possible. Tshirt money cannot be refunded after July 6, 2019.